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Love Yourself. Believe in Yourself.


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About Me

I am committed to facilitating meaningful growth and transformation for my clients so that they may manifest what they most desire. My work is heart-centered but practical, inspired but grounded.


My work stems from my own experience transforming a long-term failed relationship and a disgruntled career in law into a life of purpose and fulfillment -- with romantic partner that fits just right. I discovered how to manifest great love, abundance and deep joy from a place of suffering and lack.

My journey led me from psychotherapy to spirituality to science-based techniques and tools for manifestation and plugged me into a world of seemingly magical and miraculous possibility.

On a more formal note, I am the co-founder of the personal growth company, Borrowed Wisdom and am at work on my first book, Tired of Dating & Sick of Waiting? Do This. I contribute essays to publications including Cosmopolitan, Shape and Forbes, The Huffington Post, Women’s Media Center and Women’s eNews. I am a regularly featured expert on telesummits and radio, including NPR. I am an Instructor at Barnard’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies and a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. I am a licensed California attorney.

My personal growth training comes from incredible teachers: Debra Poneman, Marci Shimoff, Shelly Lefkoe, Katherine Woodward Thomas, John Assaraf, John Grey, Brene Brown, Dr. Joe Dispenza and others whom I have had the good fortune to learn from personally.

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How i can help you 

Whether you are looking to make a life change, experiencing a difficult time due to a break up, job loss, or other trauma, or simply want to tweak elements of your life that are not working, we will work together to get you there. Using integrative modalities based in neuroscience, quantum physics, and beyond, we will work you through your obstacles - conscious and unconscious - to move you forward into a new, happier, more fulfilling chapter of your life story.


You will get support, practical advice, and inspired wisdom to propel you into positive forward motion.

Your possibilities are truly limitless. The question is what will make you happy and how to make that happen.

That's where I come in.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Dating

  • Relationships

  • Divorce/break-ups

  • Transition

  • Career

  • Personal growth

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Self-love

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Alexis, I came to you broken and weak and nearly hopeless. You turned that all around for me. With me I should say, right? I shouldn't say I am surprised but I am. I didn't know someone's life, my life, could turn around like this, and this fast. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I came to Alexis because I was ready for a wife and a family, and I couldn’t even get a girlfriend. I didn’t get what I was doing wrong, but nothing seemed to be working out. Through just a few sessions, Alexis helped me figure out what was going on, and the work we did together boosted my confidence and made me see my own value in a way I had never before.

“Alexis helped me get clear about what I wanted, and made me realize how I was standing in my own way. I honestly didn’t even realize what I was doing was sabotaging my own success. What I liked most about working with Alexis was that she gave me really clear strategies that actually worked… And they didn’t just shift things in dating but in my life in general. I think they made me a better person. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year now and we just started shopping for engagement rings. :)”

I wanted to let you know that me and [girlfriend] have been together for an official 2 years  and just moved in together. You were instrumental in helping our relationship become what it is and helping me get through my concerns and issues. I'm a much better communicator and partner. Thank you!

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